The Minstead Florist

Flowers in the heart of the forest

An event florist based in the delightful village of Minstead, in the heart of the New Forest.

I create beautiful, bespoke floral arrangements for a variety of occasions, using seasonal flowers to give all of my work a natural finish. I pride myself on the care and time I put into every arrangement to ensure that the finished product is exactly what my client imagined. If you are interested in any of the floral services that I provide, please contact me to discuss your ideas.

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Flowers for Weddings

Weddings in the F0rest

Flowers are a key component of every wedding, with their beauty and elegance having a huge impact on the style and mood of your special day. I specialise in providing carefully crafted floral pieces to small and intimate weddings. I especially love the intricate work of the small floral arrangements at weddings, such as buttonholes and floral crowns.

If you have a clear idea of how you want your flowers, I will ensure that they are delivered exactly as you imagined them. Equally, if you are unsure of what floral design you would like for your wedding, I can help guide you by studying the colours and tones used in your wedding to ensure that the floral designs I produce complement your wedding perfectly.

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Christmas Wreaths

The use of wreaths dates back to Ancient Greece, where they were used as a symbol of immortality, life and rejuvenation. However, nowadays they are used as a sign of welcome and an opportunity to add festive cheer to your front door.

When creating Christmas wreaths, I always use seasonal and fresh materials, giving all of the wreaths I create a beautiful natural look. Every wreath created is bespoke and can be as elaborate or subtle as you would like. I am also happy to add ribbons, baubles and lights to the wreaths as requested.

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Funerals and other occasions


At such a sensitive time I can support and guide you in choosing your floral dedication. Whether it is a small token tribute or something more, which reflects the personality and the memory of your loved one. If you have a particular flower you would like included, or if you want to choose a specific colour range I can help you with your choice.

Corporate & Hospitality

I can create bespoke designs to suit your individual requirements and reflect your company image as well as providing flowers for corporate events.

I will be pleased to work to your budget and can replace flowers on a weekly basis to keep them looking at their best if required.

If you would like to discuss your ideas please use the contact form at the bottom of the page or give me a call on 07307 247744.

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Floral Art and Interpretation

Floral Art and Interpretation gives me the opportunity to get creative. The process of floral art begins with lots of research and time taken to delve deeper into the meaning behind the theme, text or image that I am using as inspiration. I then create detailed mood boards, before beginning to assemble the floral arrangement.

Please contact me with any inspirational pieces of art, text or themes that you want to be developed into floral art. I am also happy to create mood boards for you to then take forward for any events or occasions. Click below to have a look at a selection of my floral artwork.

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About Me

My passion for floristry began 7 years ago when I attended classes in Christmas Wreath making. A few years later I decided to commit to the floral world by taking a 6-month diploma course at The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers. This has provided me with an industry-recognised qualification in Classic Flower Design. During this course, I learnt about all aspects of floristry, from arranging beautiful bouquets to creating interpretations of art with flowers. I love working with people to create bespoke creations out of beautiful, fresh materials, specialising in intricate detail to ensure that every arrangement I make will meet my customer’s expectations.

Email, call or contact me below.